May 16, 2010

New Yarns 05/16/10

A couple of new handspuns I've made lately:

The top one is made with wool I got on this field trip, as well as some pre-spun hemp I got way back on a trip to Tofino.  (I used to make a lot of hemp necklaces and still have a bit of hemp left over).  I just listed it in the shop.

The bottom one is corespun with a couple of those discoteque batts I carded a while ago on my drum carder.  They are mostly corriedale wool with a little bit of soy silk mixed in.  I corespun them over some nylon crochet thread I got at the thrift store.  I felt like giving corespinning another go as  I sold the last skein of my corespun, and as I was getting it ready to send off, I realised I would miss it.  Corespinning is one of those gray areas for me, because there isn't a lot of information on the technique out there, but after looking at moonrover's work, I had to give it another go.  I'm quite pleased, and I think I'll actually keep the skein for myself (something I don't do very often!)  Anyone got any project ideas for about 75 yards??

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