February 16, 2010

Field Trip

This past weekend was a great one.  Not only did we get the keys to our new house, but on the five hour drive down to it, I stopped in at Custom Woolen Mills to check it out and buy some locally produced fleece for spinning.  They call their shop the kaleidoscope wool shoppe and it is full of wooly goodness.  Kits for making hats, socks, and all sorts of things, fibers, yarns, rugs, most of it being produced right on site with their historic mill equipment (see foggy last pic).  I couldn't stay long, but it was a nice jaunt out into the country.


I also stopped in Calgary and stocked up with some local merino/angora yarn- watch for some in my shop soon- I'll be dyeing, knitting and crocheting some new items & yarns- its sooo soft!
Our house is currently being renovated inside, and I'm looking so forward to moving in March!  Check out the pillows I just bought from TwoStrayCats for the new place:


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