February 18, 2010

What People Have Made with my Yarn V.2

Well, here I am with another edition of What People Have Made with my Yarn!
I think this will be a regular feature as some of my customers are busy, busy bees!

First off we have:

Prairie Wind Handspun Hand-dyed Merino Art Yarn:

Transformed into:
Custom Child Photography
(can't wait to see it on a little one!)
Cindy is a professional photographer in Utah who was first inspired by watching the growth of her own children.  Check out her site for some inspiring work!

Next, is one of my most popular yarns, the simple 
Transformed into:
Chunky Oatmeal hat 
by Sarah of Diggin' the Dirt
Sarah is an avid knitter, foodie and gardener residing in Ontario.  
She created the hat for a friend, who named it the "Oatmeal Hat" because of its bumpy texture.
Sarah has posted the project on ravelry.
*update: just realized Sarah's friend is Adria Vasil, author of the book, Ecoholic.  I actually have this book and am so honored!

And finally, we have the 
Grape Handspun Hand-dyed Merino 2 ply:
Transformed into:

by Laurie of KraekerCouture 
Laurie lives in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia and loves knitting.
This touque is currently for sale in her etsy shop, check it out!

Thank-you so much to everyone who has taken the time to send me their photos of what they've made with my yarn!  It is truly inspiring to see the creativity & talent out there!
Don't forget, if you've made a project with some of my yarn, send me your picture for a coupon for a discount off your next purchase!!


Cindy said...

Thanks, Ashley! You are so talented and I love your yarn! The softness and colors are irresistible!

Mandi said...

That baby hat looks delicious - as soft as cotton candy. Put it on a stick and I might eat it. I love the colors and I really like seeing what people have made out of your yarn :)

Rozzie Jewelry said...

Wow! This is very fun to see! hope to see more before and after postings :D