May 22, 2010


Spring has been one reason for my sporadic posts of late, the other is a new addition to my family, Sol:

You can see in the first photo our matriarch cat, Cohen is not too happy.  But things are coming along and everyone is slowly starting to accept each other.  Sol is 4 years old and comes to us from the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue. 

His breed is a weimaraner (a german hunting dog) and he's very athletic and fun.  He was a little tubby when we got him, but we've been walking and running him every day and he's already started to slim down!  We've had him for almost 2 weeks, and I've learned so much about dogs and myself in that short time.  I had never heard of Cesar Millan or the dog whisperer 2 weeks ago, but now I'm a fan.  Being calm definately helps in Sol's training, but for my own well being too.  I love how dogs enable you to get more exercise, and talk to more people (and other dogs!).  We've been for some wonderful walks down in the coulees lately.  He even does well off leash; he doesn't bark at other dogs/people or run away.  He happily greets everyone he sees and when he does run a bit further up the trail (or goes the wrong way!) he always comes back to check on us!

Guess who's getting some nice knitted necktubes this winter?


KristinaV said...

You are going to LOVE this breed! Good for you for rescuing him. We have a German Shorthaired Pointer which is cousins to the Weimeraner (ours looks like your dog only brown!) If he was tubby when you got him at 4 it tells me he wasn't getting the exercise or love his breed requires. Give him a daily walk/run and he'll be the best dog ever!

He's beautiful!

42 things said...

Oh my he is sooooo lovely.

OffTheHooks said...

thanks guys!!
he is pretty sweet. very attached and a little insecure, but we are working that :)

cal said...

AAAWWWWWW! gertie and i wish you and sol many years of fun! i was a total cat person until i got my gert and she converted me. and we love cesar too!