June 7, 2010

Marigolds in Bloom

What a nice surprise this morning to find out one of my yarns had made it to the front page as part of this lovely treasury:
Its the bottom on, second from the right!!
And in the shop here:
(I also have more that can be dyed up, if you're looking to do a larger project)

And how appropriate that it's a yarn named after the honorable marigold flower:
A very useful plant to have in the edge of your garden.  It's strong scent keeps many pests away.  In my last garden, marigolds started to self-seed and I didn't even need to plant them every year!
On the topic of gardens, ours is pretty much complete.  Seedlings are coming up already too, and it's only been in for 2 weeks!

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42 things said...

Hooray and congrats! and I adore marigolds in sight and smell and they are super usful.