February 2, 2010

My February Wishlist

Back in November, I made a wishlist of the things I wanted to get accomplished in the month.  I then posted my results, and found it a challenge to accomplish everything I had wanted to because of the approaching holiday season, and because of my lofty goals!

I'm going to try it again this month (keeping in mind I am in the process of packing up and moving cities...  we've bought a house and are moving back to my hometown! AND february is such a short month)  Okay, now that I've made that official, on with the wishlist:

1) Finish my Tea Cozy pattern: after searching for a crocheted tea cozy pattern, I was never able to find one I liked.  So I made my own and sold a few.  I thought it only made sense to write up the pattern and put it in my etsy shop.  Simple enough, but for whatever reason, I've procrastinated this for some time now.  Probably because its my first pattern and I'm nervous.

2. Finish my sweater: I started a crocheted sweater before Christmas, and its been sitting unfinished for a while now.  I'd really like to wear sometime before the winter ends!!
sneak peek:

3.) Create more housewares/non-wearable/artsy type stuff: winter will be over eventually (thank goodness) and I want to start focusing on the spring & summer line of product.  More eco trivets, garlands, soft sculptures & toys are what I have in mind.

4.) Continue looking for a local source of spinning fiber: this is one of my new years resolutions, so if anyone out there produces soft & squishy spinnable wool, drop me a line!

5.) Continue to brainstorm my "DIY Guide to non-toxic dyeing": yep another thing thats been in my mind for a while now, so many people have asked me to teach them how I do my dyeing.. if I can't do it in person (which I'd also love the opportunity to do) I'd love to create a zine type guide.   (Making a zine is another thing on my list of things I've always wanted to do but never have).

Wish me luck!!!


cal said...

ooh, you are a new homeowner too! congratulations from one who understands the excitement! and i admire your bravery posting your goals; i should probably do this too except i might be publicly humiliated at the end of the month... but maybe that would motivate me??? what a great list of goals too!

OffTheHooks said...

yes i am now part of the homeowners club too!! very exciting. we will be doing some renovations, so i hope to post some pics soon!
last time i posted my goals, i learned the hard way, so this time i "under-estimated" so as not to feel like an under-achiever by the end of the month. with any luck, i will achieve more than i set out to!!