February 1, 2010

Sharing Creations

When I ship out my yarn, I often include a coupon that is good for 10% off the next order of yarn IF people share with me a picture of two of what they've made with it.

I recently got a couple of pictures back of some beautiful items, it's so rewarding to see what folks are making with my yarns!

This hat came from Julie from her brand new shop, blockheaters:

And this gorgeous cabled scarf  came from Lindy of the CollageCafe:

If you have a picture of something you've made with my yarn, please do send it my way!

1 comment:

rinebird said...

I enjoyed reading about your outing for angora/wool & the photos make it all so personal.
One of your cats is an exact likeness to my oldest cat Joey.He died almost 2 years agon in April.
What is your cats name? I checked your etsy site first...lovely yarn.