December 1, 2009

November Wishlist results

Back in this post I made my first to-do wishlist.  I thought I'd give it a try as I had seen many other crafters do it, and I can always use a bit of extra streamlining & organizing of my ideas.  I'm fairly happy considering that in combination with these tasks, a great majority of my time was spent just trying to keep the shop stocked with yarns as they were going like hotcakes!

1.) Make more slippers and booties for the holiday season, to give as gifts and to put in my shop. Preferably with recycled yarns too. Oh and make a pair for myself- why do I never keep anything for me?!
made 3 pairs... one was my "made to order" listing, and two new ones; all with recycled yarns (and haven't yet kept any for myself):

2.) Learn how to knit thrummed mittens; which I've always wanted to make and have. These type of mitts were developed in Newfoundland and have little "thrums" of fuzzy fiber on the inside to keep you extra warm. nope.. did not happen- need to find time and then learn how to knit on dpn (double pointed needles) first!

3.) Make more eco-trivets/potholders: I still have so much great, colorful fabric I want to cut up and make trivets with. sort of happened- i cut up more fabric but haven't gotten around to crocheting it :(

4.) Continue to make more fingerless gloves. yes- I made these new ones with some of my handspun yarn:

also made & sold a couple of "made to order/custom" listings

5.) Crochet more holiday decorations.  yes & no- I did make a few but I never listed them because I included them as freebies with some outgoing orders.

6.)Knit a hat or two..yes, I made this one, very easy, using this pattern.  This one is next on my list.

7.) Start something for a yarn bombing project. no... not yet!

8.) This one might not happen, but I thought I'd put it on here anyway: make soap. I took a soapmaking course last fall and I have finally come to the end of my soap. I would love to make more and I almost have all the supplies I need. ya that didn't happen!

I think I will try a wishlist again, as it was useful.. but maybe next time not in the height of the holiday shopping season.  I've just finished spinning the last of my 2 pounds of merino- now waiting for some more fleece to come in to get going again!  I'm also teaching a beginner crochet class this week so I've been getting ready for that.

My December Wishlist:

1.) rest.
2.) work on christmas gifts
3.) work more on drum carder
4.) rest.


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hodge podge said...

hey! i just read your post and i've never heard of 'thrums' before, then two minutes later i saw this in my daily Craft:
i want to make these! though i may leave off the bunny-ness. thrumming sounds great for hats and all kinds of things that could use cozy fluff inside! and don't be afraid of double-points; there's nothing to them! i say just dive in and you'll be fine... ;n)