November 18, 2009

Stitching up the house

A while back, before Halloween, I talked about a project I was participating in at the end of this post.  I just remembered that I haven't shared photos of what that project was!

A friend offered up her family home as a kind of living installation/performance space for the Halloween weekend.  I knew I wanted to participate, as I have participated in one of these house-projects before and deeply enjoyed it.  After visiting the house and location initially, I was in awe of its history.  The house showed its age well, and so I thought it was fitting to sew up the cracks that appeared in the walls- exposing a pure truth that the house and surrounding landscape had- the location used to be a lake and was filled in by the city ages ago.  Many of the cracks had been plastered over, only to re-crack anyways, so I thought why try and hide them.

The weekend turned out to be a pretty fun and interesting event- there was body mapping, dance performances, artwork, a "confession booth", and other installations. 

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