October 30, 2009

Another way to stay cosy: Thumb Sleeves!

I've been tinkering with my fingerless glove pattern and I now have the option of "thumb sleeves" on my fingerless gloves!  Here are the first pair:

Citrine Fingerless gloves w/ pure new wool and thumb sleeves


As you can guess, I have many pairs of fingerless gloves myself (my hands are always freezing).  I'm always tinkering with the design as to make it warmer.  So one more way to warm them up is with thumb sleeves.  I've also started making the edge of the glove come further up the fingers, as to keep more of your hand warm too.

I've added a color chart to my custom listing option for fingerless gloves so you can pick from lots of earthy colors and create your very own pair:

Happy Halloween!  Hope everyone stays cosy this weekend and eats lots of yummy treats!  Stay tuned next week when I'll post some pictures of a project I am involved in this weekend- a great collaborative art-house party is happening, and I'm stitching up the house!