October 29, 2009

Spooky Candy

I can't believe Halloween is almost here- I have no idea where October has gone!  We haven't really had a fall here, we had a wonderfully warm September, and then before the leaves could turn gorgeous yellows (we don't get too many other colors here), everything froze while it was still green and fell off the trees!!! (although the lilacs outside our house still have living green leaves on them- figure that one out!)  And beleive it or not, I'm still trying to find ways to use up tomatoes!  I've been canning and boiling and freezing like a mad woman!  But having too many homegrown tomatoes is not such a bad thing.  I guess you could call our tomatoes the candy of the garden.

Now, speaking of candy, I wanted to say that I am in the etsy voter again, this time it's themed around candy, specifically "Which Candy item gives you a sugar high?"  My candy hand-painted, corespun merino is currently in 6th place!!
I'd sure appreciate your vote, come check out all the lovely items here.
And also speaking of voting and Halloween, the TransCanada Etsy team is having another one of our fun fun monthly challenges!  Rhonda from myhandboundbooks is hosting this months Halloween theme.  Come check out all the spooky entries over at our team blog and vote for your favorite, and win yourself a cute little halloween gift courtesy of myhandbound books:

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