November 30, 2012

Upcoming Craft Fairs

Last weekend, I participated in the annual Made Show and Sale at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.  It was lots of fun, with Friday night being extremely busy; apparently over 600 people came through!  The Bright Lights festival in Galt Gardens was also going on, which brought many families downtown for the night. 

Here's a shot of some of the yarn I brought:

Most of it went, so I am busy dyeing and spinning up more for the two other sales I'm doing for the holiday season:
Something new that I've been making are wool dryer balls- I've been using them with my laundry, and especially for cloth diapers, which can't handle any kind of perfume or residue, and they work great for softening and reducing static:

These aren't currently available in my etsy shop as I've just been selling them locally, but if you are interested in a set of 3, I can do a custom order!

I hope everyone, including my fellow crafters, are staying sane this time of year- it can be insane!

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