May 14, 2011

Signs of the Season

I've been busy getting things ready for gardening season- I can't wait!

Starting tomatoes, peppers and ground cherries indoors- they're almost ready to move outside!
Anxious to try these ground cherries- sort of a cross between a tomatillo and a gooseberry

The "farm"- almost ready for a new growing season!
I've also been filling up the HazelTweed shop with lots of new goodies...

Lemonade. Acorn Earrings

Lot of 3 Vintage Patons Patterns- Make your own toys

Instant Stash- Lot of 4 Jaeger Monte Cristo Vintage Yarn

And doing a bit of spinning here and there...

Sweet Pea. Handspun hand dyed Merino Art Yarn 
Honeycomb. Handspun, Hand Carded Art Yarn
All in all, I'm pretty happy that it's finally spring, and so is Sol!


Renee said...

Your plants look great! I too can't wait to get the vegetables planted and the pots full of flowers. My tulips and Icelandic poppies should be blooming any day now!

Mandi said...

I love Hazel tweed, it reminds me so much of you. I can't wait to see your garden. Next year while my in laws are out of province, I am taking over their garden - you will have to give me pointers as I want to plant more than tomatoes and peas!