May 4, 2011

The Debut of Hazel Tweed

I've been pondering opening a second shop for some time now.  I'm a major thrift-a-holic and I've accumulated quite the collection.  I have also really come to adore and love Granny Chic and Vintage Modern styling as I've been slowly decorating our house. 

So, let me introduce you to Hazel Tweed... Hazel is the name of my grandma, and Tweed isn't her last name, but it represents to me the coziness of all things vintage. Maybe it's kind of an alter-ego? 

Regardless, opening up a new shop has been fun.. starting fresh with a new concept is something I have been craving.  Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE spinning, knitting and crocheting!  But collecting and re-making is also super fun!

Hazel's shop is a mix of crafty vintage and new handmade.  Here's some of the earrings I've listed lately:

Sapling. Foliage Earrings

Glow. Acorn Earrings
Raindrop. Foliage Earrings
I used to make a lot of jewelry back in university- so I still have lots of supplies and really love collecting & remaking old jewelry.

I also really love anything vintage craft-related.  As many of us makers can attest, there's only so many crafts we can master.  Unfortunately, I can't use or make everything- but I sure can share some of the retro craft-making supplies I collect!  Here's a few things I've listed so far:

Vintage 1965 SEWING for your home booklet. Amy Vanderbilt, Irene Gora  

Vintage 70s iron on fabric initial Letter A 
Instant Collection- A Rainbow of Vintage Crochet Hooks
Pop by Hazel's shop sometime!


Renee said...

Looks great Ashley! I love those little red acorn earrings!

PrairiePeasant said...

Congratulations on Hazel Tweed's big debut! I love the name, and I'm sure you'll find a niche for your new and vintage items! Good luck!

cal said...

very exciting, and love the name! heading over to check out the cuteness now...