April 22, 2011

Craftateria II Recap & Wrist Pains

Last weekend's Craftateria Craft Show was a blast!  Of course, another spring blizzard blew in the night before, leaving us with piles of snow.  But despite that, craft-lovers from all over the city trudged through the white stuff to come check us out.

In addition to my already spun & dyed collection, I spun up a few new yarns for the show:
This is the scrappy yarn I showed being spun in my last post. Its made with sheeps fleece and scrap yarns & fabrics. It turned out wonderful and I can't wait to see what is made with it!  Unfortunately, due to some wrist issues, I was only able to spin one skein up... more on that later.

This is some handspun using local fibers- I'm calling it seedling.

 A couple shots of my booth- still working on display... found the wine rack idea online and it works well (and love how it holds wine in-between shows too!)  I also brought my folding lendrum spinning wheel this time, a great idea to show how handspinning is done, and also something to do during those quiet times:
And since it was the 'buy for yourself' edition of Craftateria (the last one was near christmas, so naturally it was 'buy for others'), I picked up a few things too.  Including this knit fish with catnip for Cohen & Dylan (and sorry it already looks gross- cats really are fond of it):

 Cohen enjoying the new fish!

All in all, it was a highlight for me and a great networking event for those involved in the local craft community.  I can't wait for the next one! Thanks so much to the organizers!

I mentioned earlier in the post that I've been having some wrist pains.  Well, I'm happy to say I went to the doctor and I don't have to stop knitting, crocheting or spinning (or typing)!!!!!  She said if I'm not careful it could turn into carpal tunnel and that I need to strengthen my wrist.  So I get to roll cans of beans in my hands!  Anyone else out there have any exercises they do?  I also have been wearing a brace on my wrist which has really helped.  Not so much when I am doing an activity, but when I am not.  The Dr. said to wear it at night even.  And I have to really start paying attention to how my wrists are bending when I'm doing my work.  I think with continental knitting (or picking) your wrist can tend to curl over... which is not good.

Anyway, I am just really happy that I don't have to stop.  That would be sad!  I definitely have had to slow down though.  But I've been filling my time with watching Mad Men (SO good!) and growing tomatoes and peppers to plant outside when it gets nice (HA!).  I've posted what I'm growing over on my other blog, The Lethbridge Veg.

Happy Earth Day and Easter everyone!  Eat lots of fair trade chocolate!

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