August 5, 2011

Mid-Summer Update

Returning from a vacation has a way of making me want to get back into the studio and kitchen- settling in to do some making!  The summer has been busy with renovation projects (we're converting a poorly constructed mud room into a covered deck) and gardening (take a peek over at my other blog) have been keeping me super busy.  I haven't done a lot of spinning or dyeing, I did knit a hat on vacation- because we were camped in the mountains, I needed it at night!  We camped in the mountains of Montana and British Columbia- a mighty fine time. 

The yarn is my own 2-ply, hand-dyed, handspun.  The colors were actually a mistake- I think I was trying to create brown and it didn't quite work out!  But I'm quite happy with the result.  (Don't mind the poor quality of the pictures.. taken in my living room with the curtains closed and still the sun is bright!)

After I got home, I realized almost everything I bought was handmade or vintage!  Funny how etsy wears off on you!  We visited a few thrift stores, farmers markets and funky downtowns.  Here's a few of the items I picked up:

handmade wooden buttons
handmade flipper and cutting board
The Garden that you are: I could resist this book on gardening and gardeners stories all based in the Slocan Valley of BC.  It also has some great recipes.  We hope to one day settle out that way.
I also got a great apron with a huge pocket that I've been using for gardening.  I like going out to the garden and stuffing the pocket full of whatever's ready.  Yesterday, it was full of beans!

I've also been having a lot of fun with my new little camera, after almost 6 years of my other one, it was just getting a little too clunky and slow.  I am no means a professional photographer, so this camera satisfies my need to step outside the box with some of its built in filters.  A few piccys from my vacation...

Mexican Fiesta at the family reunion
Getting ready for some floating on Kootenay Lake!
picking cherries at lakewood inn
sleeping dog in nelson
beer tasting in sandpoint (really, they aren't as big as they look :)
 What have you been spending your time doing this summer???


Kim said...

Looks like a great vacation Ashley, and for the record I like the color of the hat...even if it was a mistake!

PrairiePeasant said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer so far! I also like the muted colours that were a "mistake." My vacation was in too much of a tourist area (old Quebec city) to find second hand, but I did find a wonderful artisan market there!