March 21, 2011

New Spring Yarns

This weekend, I had a chance to catch up on some dyeing.  And I realized, "dyeing, I missed you!"  I decided to try a little bit of experimenting, and I've always wanted to try 'dip dyeing'.

So for my first go I did this skein and slowly immersed it in the dyepot in 3 stages, with it starting out as a bright pink, then a pastel, and then, almost completely white:

What great fun!
Then I took it a step further with the next skein and put 2 jars inside the dyepot, one with blue dye and the other pink.  I divided the skein in half and put one half in each jar.
Once the dye was set, it turned out like this:

I called it Equinox, as the timing seems appropriate, and it goes from cool to warm.

The nice aspect of both these skeins is that they are self striping.  When you knit or crochet with them, they will automatically form stripes or short lines of color.  Since the color stretches are not really wide, they won't form stripes if you are doing a wide garment like a sweater.  But socks, mittens, kids hats, legwarmers, etc, you will notice little stripes forming!  And if your anything like me, you probably despise switching yarns!

Watch for more coming soon too!

I also did a skein of one of my favorite color pairings, orange and purple (this one, however is not self striping!):

These skeins are all 100% soft wool, 4-ply, worsted weight yarns.