April 26, 2010

Changing Directions...

Since my life seems to be taking a new direction lately, I feel like I've had some time to reflect on my own work; and the direction I want to take it.   Lately it is dyeing that I seem to enjoy most.  Whether it is wool roving, handspun yarn, upcycled sweater yarn, new yarns, or thrifted yarns.  Maybe I'm returning to my love of batik, and the aspect of dyeing I loved in that art form.

Also, recovering and recycling is something I have become more interested in too.  I love taking something boring, un-used, or plain (but still salvageable) and adding color and life.  I've been fortunate enough to have found lots of second hand white wool lately for dyeing:

recycled, hand-dyed yarn

And I think this change is good, if you do the same thing over and over again, it usually gets boring.  Not that crochet or knitting has gotten boring for me.  But at this point, I'd rather be dyeing or spinning.  And if I am crocheting or knitting, I'd rather be doing it for someone connected to me.  Who knows if I'll feel this way forever, but for the time being, I'm going to be doing more fiber & dye-related work.  And for me right now, I love providing folks with the materials (yarn) to make beautiful things.  It's pretty great.

So I've got a few things on sale in the shop, well, actually quite a few things, for really cheap.  I'm hoping there's a few people out there who may have noticed something in my shop before, but maybe didn't have the cash to buy it then.  It's time for me to clear out and make room for new things.  Come have a peek if you feel inclined!

And watch for more fibery goodness soon!  And maybe there will be bits and bites of knitted or crocheted goodness in the future too- I'm going to leave it open for when the moment strikes me!


Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to see how one's creative pursuits evolve. I agree with you that change is good. I know I haven't stopped coming up with ideas of things I want to do. I always thought that people like me and you should get our blogs printed, turn them into a book. We'd have a pretty interesting journal. (There's a service that enables you to do that.) Maybe one day I'll actually do it.

cal said...

i've been feeling the call of the dyepot lately too! you should always follow the creative urges... evolution is a good thing ;n)

OffTheHooks said...

Good idea Laura,
I've also looked into books made before, its nice to have something 'in-hand' rather than just floating out there in internet world!