April 10, 2011

Craftateria II

It's happening this weekend, and I'll be there!
I'll be hauling my yarns, knits & crocheted goodies, and possibly one of my spinning wheels down to the gate for this great event.  The last one was so fun, this one proves to be just as good or even better.  I believe there are more vendors this time too.
Here's me spinning some scrappy yarn, getting ready for the show- full of fabric scraps, left over yarn bits, and squishy wool fleeces, it'll make an interesting finished project!

And this is my suitcase, packed full of yarny goodness... and I've even got some funky home-made earrings for sale too- a sneak peek and more on those later this week!
Hope to see all the locals there!


Anonymous said...

Lovely yarns! Have fun :)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Wish I could come to this show...should be great! p.s I think the weather is one of the biggest links Canadians have! As well as commenting on it! Cheers...good luck at the show.