February 18, 2011

Pattern Recommendations

I'm growing more and more obsessed with Ravelry; an online knit & crochet community.

There's no better place to browse patterns, network with other crafty types, get advice on how to fix your spinning wheel, and even help plan your next mini-vacation!  Everyone is just really keen to share!

I thought I'd share a few of the projects I've been working on, or had my eye on (you'll need a free ravelry account to access these)

Right now, I'm working on a crocheted soaker for baby diapers by Good Housekeeping (a pattern that's atleast 50 years old!) with some unraveled wool sweater yarn.  The important aspect here, being that you use 100% wool; such as this handpainted, 100% Peruvian Highland wool in my shop:

I also just added this knit beanie by Jessamyn Van Den Elzen to my list of favorites, which would also be perfect to use with a yarn similar to above:

A lot of people who purchase my thick 'n thin handspun yarns make baby hats.  I spotted this Long Tails Beanie by Jen Bartlett that would work perfectly with those yarns:

(wouldn't it look great with this?)

If you are wanting to make an adult hat with some chunky handspun, the First Hat pattern by Nikol Lohr would be perfect:


I love the leafy design!  Not sure which yarn I am going to use yet... hoping to stumble upon an earthy green or brown.  We'll see!!

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Anonymous said...

Loving your list. I can't believe I have not yet searched Ravelry for cool handspun knitting patterns yet! :D you enabler! Thanks.