January 11, 2011

One of my other loves

I may have mentioned before that I am a vegetarian- I have been for over 10 years now and no complaints.  It's just what I am.
I try not to be a preachy vegetarian; but more of a question-answerer if anyone is curious.  I really enjoy veggie cooking and the doors it opens for you in terms of trying new things.

Anyway, I started a blog a while back called The Lethbridge Veg; mainly because I missed all the vegetarian restaurants in Edmonton.  It's been a gradual start, but I have been posting more often lately.  Come check it out, if you dare, I promise no preachy peta antics (this is one vegetarian who has a strong dislike for peta because of stunts like this that degrade women and their bodies).  Also, its a semi-experiment to see if I like blogger or wordpress better.. not sure yet- but wordpress is definitely more complicated!!

And if you too are vegetarian, vegan or even a sometimes-vegetarian, please feel free to share with me your favorite website, recipe or story!

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