October 9, 2010

Works in Progress: Thanksgiving

Last weekend in the mountains; secret project, beer & bread

 Fall outdoor spinning (was for this)

The evolution of my studio, now with drum carder station and a cool new woven rug;
 I finally spun the west coast batts I've been saving forever... (and unfortunately forgot to take a picture of them before spinning) Has anyone ever heard of these before?  I'd love to get some more but they don't seem to be on the net.

The beginnings of a really simple triangle shawl/scarf- was going to do something a little fancier but then decided to let the yarn speak for itself.


Mandi said...

Studio looks great. When I imagine you woking in it all I feel is cozy! Happy Thanksgiving :)

cal said...

ooh that Pearls yarn was LUSCIOUS! looks like marshmallow fluff! your studio IS looking awesome; i still can't photograph mine yet as one year after moving in it is STILL a disaster area ;n)
i love the yarn from the batts too; never heard of them but it reminds me of my beloved Noro with its subtle color changes. and i agree with letting the yarn speak...