September 23, 2010

The dog days of autumn

How can it almost be the end of September already?
I admit, I've been absent from my blog as of late... day job (of recent: huge weekend-long arts festival) and harvest time have been keeping me busy.  But with the sudden onset of fall's chillier weather (and lack of a real summer) I've eagerly gotten back into my fiber stash, knitting needles and crochet hooks. 

One of the dog cowls Sol modeled made it into an etsy finds post & email last week- so I've been busy designing and making more.  I listed 2 more recently:

And I have a dog wear section in my shop now.

I have also been making human things lately, too:

And have been busy spinning up a huge-ish custom order of my pearls yarn:

Harvest wise, I have made lots of walnut cranberry zucchini bread, pickled bean salad, marinated zucchini with garlic and herbs, apple juice/cider, and I am currently waiting for our 15 gallons of tomatoes to ripen so I can can (yes you read can twice) some salsa, including the jalapenos, onions and herbs we grew!  I'll also be blanching and freezing chard, peeling and chopping apples for the freezer, digging up the herbs and potting them inside, and I'll leave the root vegetables in the ground a little longer to sweeten up.

Oh and I musn't forget about this humungous spaghetti squash I found in the squash jungle last weekend: 

Sol is there for scale!
I'm slowly working my way through it, sawing it apart and baking chunks, mashing them and freezing.  For such a large size, it is still full of flavor and is wonderful with some butter, herbs and s&p.

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