August 5, 2010

What's in a Name?

OffTheHooks.  For crafty types, the meaning may be obvious; crochet.  It was sort of that way for me when I picked it as my etsy shop name too.  Picking a name for your business isn't easy.  I knew for sure that I didn't want any numbers in my shop name either, it sounds too.. i dunno. I liked how it differentiated crochet from knitting too.

I had heard it used in a few different ways before, too- one way being "getting away with something."  And I kind of like getting away with things, so...

But then I started spinning, and I wondered, how will my shop name work now?  Well, lucky for me, the world is full of hooks.  As you can see in the pic below, there are hooks on my spinning wheel:

The hooks are on the flyer and pull the newly formed yarn from the orifice onto the bobbin.  (There is also a hook you use to pull the leader off the bobbin through the orifice).  So, okay, spinning still fits in!!  But now that I've finally giving knitting another go, (via continental- thank goodness there is a better way to knit!) what now?!

Well, too late, I'm not changing my shop name!  So here's me exploring the many (often amusing) different meanings of Off The Hook(s) (via urban dictionary):

1. Off the hook is actually a modernization of a series of slang words. Closely related to off the chain, there refering to something being so "fresh" and "new" that its literally right off the store shelf. (started in reference to clothes, the hangar being the hook)
Them shoes are off the hook dog.

2. cool; happening
That party was off the hook.

3. adj. exceeding the minimal standard of satisfaction.  appealing to one's mind
That song is off the hook!

4.  To express such demand or activity that it is beyond normal conditions.
Out of control.
Stems from: A phone ringing so much that it remains off the hook as a result. (so busy)
Man that cat was fighting 6 people and he beat them all. Yo, it was "off the hook", you should have seen it!

5.  adj.  Freed, as from blame or a vexatious obligation: let me off the hook with a mild reprimand.  The Shiznit, something noteworthy, outstanding.  Off the chain
"That That 70's show is off the hook, breh!"

6. Intense or out of control, but typically in a good or fascinating way. The term is derived from a boxing metaphor - when boxers train on a heavy bag they can knock the bag "off the hook". Also see "knock him out of the box" for another popular boxing metaphor.
Did you see that Russian climbing video? Damn, those dudes were flipping off four story buildings! It was off the hook!

7. The old school use of 'off the hook' is to "get away with something", or "not be responsible for something", i.e., the fish that got away was 'off the hook'.
My sister broke up with her fiance, so I'm off the hook for buying her a wedding present.

8.  Wild, Chaotic, Unencumbered. Derived from ancient naval slang. The hook referred to the anchor. In violent storms, if the anchor would break loose from the seabottom (or break loose from the anchor chain - ref "Off the chain.."), the ship would be uncontrolled, free and wild. Utter chaos. Can you imagine anything more wild than a uncontrolled ship in a hurricane?
That party was OFF THE HOOK!

9. a word meaning cool, brilliant, wicked. made famous by MAXWELL from UK BIG BROTHER 6 (2005)! Said in London (cockney areas) as "Off the 'ook".
Nah man, that was off the 'ook

10.  An awesome sushi bar in South Lake Tahoe with unique and delicious food, great prices, and fun atmosphere.
"Where should we eat tonight?" "How about 'Off The Hook'? I love that place!"
re: #10: I have run into some businesses that were named OffTheHook.  One was a seafood place, and the other was a place to get wax jobs (not sure about that one?)
Neat to see the connection to fishing, once again.  I find crochet & fishing to be close cousins when it comes to womens & mens crafts (not that I think they should be separate).  Here's a seafood place we ran into on our holidays last year:

 And check out this fishery co-op called OffTheHook; "Atlantic Canada's First Community Supported Fishery":
This summer ‘Off the Hook’ Community Supported Fishery will connect a co-operative of small-scale, groundfish bottom hook and line fishermen from the Bay of Fundy to subscribing customers in and around Halifax. Subscribers pay at the beginning of the summer season for weekly shares of the co-op’s catch of fresh whole haddock and hake.
I don't mind sharing a name with a community co-op!

What story or meaning is behind your shop name?


    PrairiePeasant said...

    Great idea for a post Ashley! I've always liked your shop name, and those other meanings add another dimension!

    cal said...

    it's always a good idea to do your homework ;n)
    i knew from the get-go i wanted to leave my business name open-ended, as i also tend to dabble and evolve! hence, *hodge podge*. the "farm" part came later when i was trying to register a domain name and was taken. the computer suggested "hodgepodgefarm" as a way to differentiate, and i jumped on it, even though i still lived in Brooklyn at the time!

    Ashley- OffTheHooks said...

    that's pretty neat that you chose farm so randomly and you now have a hodgepodge farm!!