August 15, 2010

Dog Cozies

So now that I have a dog, I (not surprisingly) want to make cozy things for him! Especially since he is short-haired; he already shivers when he gets wet- can't wait to see what happens in the snow!  Unfortunately, my cats weren't too into dress up, though we did sneak this photo of Cohen when she was a kitten (and more willing to play dress up):

Anyway, I've always liked bigger dogs in necktubes, cowls, cozies.. what ever you'd like to call them.
So I made Sol his first one- the blue one (doesn't he look distinguished!), and since he isn't much of a pink fan, I think the other cabled one will go up in the shop.  These are great for all larger dog breeds- and they're warm and washable- made with an acrylic/wool blend.  Since they are a chunkier knit, you can slip the clasp of a leash right through the knit material.  And, obviously, these should only be worn under supervision.

I'll be working on some kind of a sweater, too.  Not sure what exactly yet, and whether I'll knit/crochet it or sew it.  I'm thinking of maybe buying one of those polar fleece blankets to use as material- they're warm, cheap, washable, and dry fast!


goodkarma said...

he looks quite dapper!

M.M.E. said...

Oh, he looks so fashionable! What a great idea. It doesn't look silly at all, like most clothes for dogs.

Gilding Lilies said...

He/she is looking so handsome.
I loved your eating weeds story on Etsy, and decided to come and pay you a visit. Great blog. Nice to meet you new friend.