July 3, 2010


It was so nice to have Thursday off for Canada Day- though not so nice to have to go back to work on Friday!  But now that it's actually the weekend, I have a bit of time to catch up.

I finally listed a new skein in the shop- this one's done with some of the fiber I got back in February, when I still had time to think.  I find that it's better fiber for making 2-ply yarn, so here she is:

This is a big one, too, about 130 yards!

I was also lucky enough to make the front page on Thursday with some fingerless gloves- Etsy was featuring lots of Canadian treasuries on the front page:

This weekend, I'm spending lots of time in the garden- and will soon be enjoying some fresh strawberries from my new strawberry patch!
Enjoy the weekend!!

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