February 24, 2010

Granny Love

Granny squares are back.
It's been a while for me, but I'm itchin' to get back into making them after seeing all the lovely work folks are making:
Photo & Blankets by Elizabethcat

LittleTinBird's patchwork blanket in progress

cauchy09's keep on truckin' granny

 I've made 3 blankets in the past:

Granny ('05?) Made for a friend and her new baby.
Totally scrappy and one of my first large-scale projects.

 Granny ('06?)
Some friends from the organic store I used to work all got together and made this granny for our co-worker who was moving back to NZ.  I never did get a picture of it finished (hmmm.. some investigating needed)
This is where I learned that if you get 4 hookers together and have them make the exact same square with the same sized hook and yarn, they will all turn out different sizes because everyone's gauge is different!

Afghan '07-08
Here is my first zigzag afghan, which is not even really a granny square but I thought I'd throw it in anyways since we're talking about blankets.

My plans are to make one big granny like cauchy's above for my new home!  And I just don't have the patience right now to make a bunch of little ones and then sew them all together.
The yarn?
I will be crocheting 2 strands together using a mix of:
- Maple Tweed Fisherman's Wool  
- My hand-dyed angora-merino- 1 dyed magenta, 1 dyed violet:

The colors & yarns will be randomly placed, I think!  Nothing too stuffy or structured, cuz granny's are all about fun!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful pictures. This is so inspiring. It reminds me of the quilt I've been wanting to make a for ages now. I've got the pieces and now I just have to schedule it into my routine.