September 18, 2009


Yay! Thank goodness its (fiber) friday.  What a wonderful week it's been; my grandma's 80th birthday, my 80th shop sale, beautifulllll weather (we hit a record of +31C here the other day!), lots of wonderful garden food, getting lovely etsy things in the mail, and new ideas (including brainstorming for a collaborative, fibery, fun, and performative house installation- oh the possibilities!).  And this weekend, a visit from my mom, who hasn't been for a visit in ages! 

But what I really have missed this week is spinning- I've been up to so many fun other things, that I think tonight I am just going to relax and spin and get things ready for our visit this weekend!!!  Honey will be out and about, and it'll just be me and the cats... oh the cats, have I ever introduced you to my lovely Cohen & Dylan?

That's Cohen, in the back, she was a stray that adopted us :)  Dylan's in the front, and he came from a stray mommy that my friend took in.  They look almost exactly the same, but have very different, distinct personalities... almost opposites!!  And yes, their names correspond with some of our favorite musicians! 

I'm a real animal lover- which is why my heartstrings have been pulled in all sorts of ways lately.  A fellow Alberta Etsy Street Team member, TwoStrayCats, who is also an animal lover, has recently went through a sad time with one of her furry family members, Sammy.  It seems he was struck with quite a force from behind, and now he is suffering from many complications including broken hips. 

Luckily, Sammy is hanging in there, and due in part to the amazing support the Alberta Street Team has offered.  Many sellers are donating part of their profits, providing encouraging words & support, and in general, being awesome.  After hearing about Sammy, I came home and gave extra love to my Cohen & Dylan.  I felt reassured that we choose to keep them as indoor cats; sometimes I feel guilty, but when I hear about things like this, it makes me so sad.  What is it with people who abuse animals?!  But luckily we have community, and each other in hard times like this.  You can visit this thread on etsy to find out how you can help, or what the latest news is on Sammy. 

I'll be thinking about little Sammy, and I hope you will give some extra love to whatever furry critter you have in your life!! 

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Anonymous said...

Love your cats! I have a cat too but haven't featured her on my blog yet. Happy 80th celebrations!