June 9, 2009

Just a few of my favorite things

I have been finding so many little treasures browsing etsy lately, I thought it might be nice to mention a few here!

About a month ago, I purchased some of AthenaCreates reusable cloth napkins- I was super impressed with them when they arrived, they are made with the softest flannel ever, and serged beautifully! I roll them up and keep them in a basket on my table instead of having a box of kleenex or paper napkins. It looks like her shop has really taken off with the unpaper towels:

I also just got a lovely little package from fresh & clean soaps, a Canadian mother-daughter soapmaker team out of Toronto. I've been looking for some subtley-scented, natural solid perfume; so I chose the gingerfish solid perfume pot as well as the blackberry sage solid perfume pot:

Both are made with natural ingredients including olive oil, shea butter and beeswax- none of that synthetic crap! They both smell wonderful, and I am now tempted to try some of the other flavors including the Tranquil Pear!

I've also been eyeing fellow ecoetsy team member, maryzoom's wristcuff wallet's- cute little cuffs made from recycled t-shirts that have been printed with super-cool images. Not only that, but they have a secret pocket that you can stash stuff in like a key if you are out on a walk but don't want to bring a purse.
My current favorite is the See the Forest for the Trees one:

I've been admiring SpunRightRound's lovely fibers lately, too. Look at these Mashed Up Jelly Bean Mini Fiber Batts!How temptingly yummy! Made from corriedale top wool, merino, alpaca, threads, lace, yarns and bombed with glitz. A beautiful blend of various goodies! The fibers have also been hand dyed using professional acid dyes. I would love to see how these spin up, and you can too- lots of lovely handspuns are listed in the shop too!!

Well, that's about it for now... I've been super duper busy and haven't been able to blog as often. Just got back from a wonderful mini-trip to the rocky mountains; perhaps I will share some pictures soon. The naturalist course I am taking is keeping me busy too, but definately in a good way. Garden was planted about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and little bits are sprouting up every day! We're already enjoying wonderful herbs too. It's funny though, because the weather is still really strange and un-seasonal here. We had rain and little bits of snow/sleet all weekend. There was still snow up in the mountains too. grrr!

Still working on lots of different projects for the shop, oh and thanks to everyone for the numerous treasuries I've been picked for lately. I even made front page a while ago too!

Info on it's way about some new kids items, a great promotion happening with the TransCanada Etsy team for Canada day, and some more textile/fiber jewelry!!!


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Kerri said...

Thank you for writing about my unpaper towels. :) Glad you liked your flannel cloths. And yeah, things are crazy around here lately! It seems to be growing exponentially. I'm in complete shock...that is when I'm not cutting fabric and serging up unpaper towels!