June 10, 2009

Art + Yard Sale = Yart!

Yart sale? What exactly is a “Yart Sale,” you may ask? The term Yart is an artistic spin on the traditional yard sale:

Art + Yard Sale = Yart!

There are many art museums, artists, and groups that have yart sales annually to raise cash. What began last year as a casual conversation on the Etsy Supply Street Team (ESST) thread about destashing and raising funds, blossomed into a discussion about creating an Etsy-wide yart sale. This year's sale will be the “2nd Annual Yart Sale on Etsy sponsored by Team ESST.” It is taking place June 10 through June 14, 2009. Everyone with a shop on Etsy is invited to participate!

You can check out my YART SALE section for some great deals! You can also search etsy with the term "YART" to find all the sellers who are participating.

felted forest basket; one of the items on sale in my shop for the YART SALE

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Mandi said...

we should have yart & Bakeage sale Bake + garage...