April 8, 2009

Friday Favorites

It's Friday- Good Friday at that! I'm looking forward to a weekend in my hometown with family and friends. I hope you are doing something fun this weekend to celebrate spring! Here a couple of my latest favorites to celebrate...

The Miss Dotty Swirl Felt Brooch 02 caught my eye- so cheery and bright, I thought this would be great idea to funkify a coat, jacket or purse. Softywalter does custom orders, you could even get one made up in your favorite colors!

The neighbourhood squirrel has re-appeared. Well, I don't know that he ever disappeared, but he has certainly made his presence known again lately. Beth from IndieNorth featured some cards from WryAndGinger a while back. I just happened to be at work when I checked out the link. Needless to say, I let out a few too many snorts of laughter and had my co-workers wondering what I was looking at. Being an animal lover, these cards reveal what some of my favorite little creatures might be thinking. And I love to get inside the brains of animals. This card in particular reminds me of the time the neighbourhood squirrel was taking on about 10 magpies that were attempting to eat his bird seed (I ended up making a short film about it, maybe I will have to share that). Check out the rest of the perfect card to go with gift- the irate squirrel speaks for you- set of four.

With the snow slowly melting, my backyard is actually starting to emerge. I can see my garden under there, and I start to salivate when I think of all the good food that came out of there last year. I love eating and cooking outside, especially when it's straight from the garden. PlumTomatoes makes gorgeous aprons that I'd love to be wearing while I'm cooking and gardening. With cute fabrics, and artfully placed pockets, these aprons are super-functional and very aesthetically pleasing. What's even better is the fabric is purchased in local, indpendent shops. The Sunny Number Two Apron is one of my favorites.

I recently joined the Alberta Street Team and I am not suprised that there are so many talented Alberta etsians. I've been sifting through many of the members pages, and finding lots of regional loveliness along the way. Member dearange makes beautiful metal jewelry & accessories. The Copper Poppy Choker really caught my eye. A rustic layered copper poppy was hand cut from copper sheet, and then each unique layer was given a heat patina to give it depth and a vibrant colour. What an interesting process! Can't wait to see those poppies fluttering in the wind in the next couple months!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm happy to be at home with my family, and am looking forward to a bit of a craft break. I've only brought one ball of yarn with me... we'll see if I can make it the whole weekend without caving in and buying more! Hands and eyes need a rest- and brain could use some time to brew up some new ideas. I am currently working on a new collection of knits- details to come soon!


Beth - IndieNorth said...

Beautiful finds!

PrairiePeasant said...

Nice feature! Love those cards! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for including my apron, and a link to my shop!!

Great Blog!