February 6, 2009

White Out!

I'm going skiing this weekend; it's been ages!
We've had such nice weather (between plus 5 and 10 degrees) here in Edmonton for last couple of weeks, the snow falling outside today seems so weird! But it definately is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to gliding through the mountains on it this weekend!

Here's a couple of snow related items I just found while browsing etsy:

Above: What a cute little postcard that exemplifies celebrating winter, rather than loathing it! Plus, I have a thing for squirrels, they clean up all the pine cones in my back yard :)

Snow White Yeti with Big Heart by eyebone

And how can you resist this Lovingly handmade plushie fellah? I bet he has cold hands, but a really warm heart!

And, above, this charming necklace has a beautiful glimmer to it- perfect to catch those precious bits of winter sunshine!

White Snow Queen Feather Eyelashes by GetEyeBling

These eyelashes are graced with feathers, each one chosen for it's beauty. Stylish and very flattering, they make your eyes look open, alive and sexy! What a great idea for a winter party!

That's all for now; wish me luck skiing this weekend, and don't forget to check out some super-cool (haha, pun) handmade items on etsy!!!


Susi D. Jewelry said...

Thanks for featuring my necklace. Have a great weekend. We are drowning in rain in L.A. today. I'd rather be on the slopes as well :)

Jasmine said...

Thanks for featuring my eyelashes, they were just listed yesterday. It's an exciting new project.

Great blog!