November 15, 2010

New member of the family

So I just welcomed this 20 year old into my home that will be living with us.
I call her Lynnie for short.

I got a single treadle Lendrum spinning wheel- the original portable spinning wheel.  She is about 20 years old and is quite different than Mrs. Ashford.
Not that I needed another spinning wheel, but I couldn't pass up a relatively good deal.  
She came with a generous amount of accessories including a regular flyer, super fast flyer and jumbo flyer.  And I mean JUMBO!  If you know what a flyer is, you may notice the size of the jumbo in the photo above.  Also some hand cards, a drop spindle and a book!  I will take some more pictures when I have some light!

I'm doing a bit of test driving currently, its so nice to have such a large bobbin, I can spin a lot of yarn!  This jumbo flyer and bobbin is, as far as I know, no longer available.  The new lendrums have a jumbo flyer, but its not this big!!!

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42 things said...

that's way too cool... *makes note of new project that I don't need*