October 24, 2010

Fall Abundance

We have been fortunate enough to enjoy a long, wonderful fall this year.
Our tomato harvest was the best on record, and we recently harvested our potatoes:
There's also a few onions in there too :)
We didn't buy 'seed' potatoes; instead used some of the sprouting potatoes in our pantry- and it seemed to work just fine.  We grew mostly yellow yukon gold, and there were a few red in there too.  Some of them unfortunately turned green- but we'll stick those in the ground now and see if they'll sprout next year.  (green potatoes are apparently toxic)

The flowers and other vegetation in our yard is slowly dying off for winter- but certain plants have become more beautiful in the past couple weeks:

 Chinese Lanterns

the bees love these purple flowers (no idea what they're called)- one of the last plants to pollinate!

marigolds after our first killing frost, Oct 17.
The beautiful changing colors of the virginia creeper

I dug into my stash of buffalo wool recently and made this season's first pair of mitts:

My hands are chronically cold, so I think these will be perfect for all the dog walking we'll be doing this winter.  The wool is so lofty and thick, its like a blanket for your hands :)
I think I'll be making more too, its an enjoyable quick pattern.

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