July 19, 2010

Update: New Growth in Sight

As we finally get some heat after all that rain, things are growing steadily around here...
  • As you may notice, I now have a new web address for this site:  www.offthehooks.net
    I thought it was about time!  If you are a follower, things should automatically re-direct, but if not, please add the new address to your reader!
  • We're eating fresh rainbow chard, strawberries, zucchini, onions, lettuce and herbs from our backyard farm (After over 5 years of intensive backyard gardening, am now calling it a farm- and maybe that way we will actually get a 'real' farm sooner!).  The potatoes are doing awesome, the pumpkins and squash are starting to crawl, and the pole beans have almost reached the top of their tipis, and the apple tree is bowing from all the weight! 
    • Lots and lots and lots of new fleeces are sitting in my studio.  Natural merinos, colored merinos and local coopworth are just waiting for me to comb, spin and card them into something soft and squooshy! I sold out of my first batch of pearls undyed merino yarn within 12 hours of listing it.  But more coming soon- and it's the softest, silkiest merino I've worked with yet.  Just perfect for makin' baby stuff.
    •  I've started listing art batts in the shop too; me and Mrs. Madewell have gotten re-acquainted and she is producing some lovely stuff.  These are super fun to spin or felt.  


      PrairiePeasant said...

      Things look quite luscious on your farm! And somehow you've found the time for many other things as well. Looks like you're having a good summer!

      cal said...

      yay for etsy sales, backyard farms and art bats! three of my favorite subjects ;n)
      your garden looks so awesome! what is that cool flower in the center right photo?