June 16, 2010

Rainy Day Update

It's raining like mad outside which gives me a good excuse to do a little updating.
As you can see, I've changed up my blog template again!  Isn't it funny that I just finished hacking & coding a custom template and then blogger introduces customizable templates!!?

Our garden is in (and very soggy)... almost everything you'd want in a garden except for kale- who knew that kale seeds are so hard to find? 

The dog is keeping us busy and is settling in quite nicely:

We went to Montreal for a week and it wasn't the best idea leaving him.. he was a little anxious when we got back.  But I don't blame him :)  Here's a couple of shots of our trip to Montreal:

It was a wonderful time, and many craft brews were drank.  I think I am becoming a beer tourist! 

Our house is still a work in progress, and currently we are mostly working on our back yard.  But I forgot to share pictures of my completed studio; here it is, overflowing with stuff.  Already needs a good clean!  It's wonderful because its nice and airy and faces north.  Great for taking pictures in.

I've been in a knitting and crocheting slump, but have been able to do a bit of dyeing.  I started this neckwarmer last night and doing cables again is kind of addicting!  I thought the pattern would work well with some handspun; I did it with some left over lion brand wool ease thick 'n quick. 

That's all for now- off to knit!

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c said...

yay for the new studio! it looks like a lovely space. can't wait to see all that comes out of it ;n)