March 9, 2010

Smokin' Clothing

I think I freak people out when I talk about spinning various fibers into yarn and the possibilities.  I guess maybe folks don't recognize that wool yarn is, simply put, twisted sheep's fur.  And therefore, you could potentially make yarn out of many other types of fibers, such as cottonwood fuzz, alpaca fleece, angora bunny fur, strands of plant fiber such as hemp, dog fur, dandelion fluff, dryer lint, and apparently now cigarette butts!!

A friend shared this link with me on a project that Alexandra Guerrero is doing with re-purposing a very common piece of garbage into something functional.  It sounds disgusting, but after you read about the intensive sterilization & cleaning process, its kind of neat.  Cigarette butts litter our streets and take a really long time to break down.  I wonder what exactly are the fibers in cigarette filters/butts?  fiberglass maybe?

And she makes really cute crocheted accessories with the yarn too!

Read all about it at treehugger and see more pics of finished projects here.

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