March 31, 2010

Following the Fiber

One of my fave crocheters and all around creative gal has to be Cal Patch of Hodge Podge Farm.  
Not only does she make beautiful crocheted, sewn, and dyed goodies, she also has her own book out; Design-It-Yourself Clothes; Patternmaking Simplified (which I've been meaning to add to my library for a long time now!)  Cal also lives in an amazing rural farmhouse in New York where she is "living the dream"; creating, teaching and living the handmade life.  And I'm pretty sure she has chickens too, which I am highly envious of (in talking to some friends in my new home city, it doesn't look like our bylaws will be bending to allow chickens anytime soon.  boo-hoo.)

So in lieu of me not making anything lately due to my move (I am just about at a breaking point here people!), I am vicariously living through others' creations.  Cal has done a series along with 2 other artists that follows the fiber from the undyed roving through to the spinning process, and then ending up at the final destination to be crocheted.

It's an amazing journey that often goes unappreciated, so check it out here.



cal said...

aww, thanks ashley! i actually don't have chickens YET (the ones i was posting about before were on my friends' farm where i was living before i found my house) but building a coop and getting some is high on the priority list! we will have to send you some eggs ;n)

OffTheHooks said...

oooh.. can't wait to see when you do!