September 28, 2009

Autumn Challenge

The TransCanada Etsy Team's very first monthly challenge is happening!  The ideas was for members to create something that fits in with the theme of autumn, gathering, sowing or scattering. Members rose to the occasion, and members submitted some absolutely stunning entries! Now comes to hard part: choosing which of these will be named the winner of the first monthly challenge.

I entered my changing tides pocket scarf:

Come vote for your favorite over here.


PrairiePeasant said...

It's a beautiful scarf--I really like the little bright bits that are so subtle but pop out here and there to make one smile.

ArtisticEdition said...

What a lovely scarf. I love the yarn color too. :)

Jenna H.

Melody said...

I love that scarf. I think we are going to have an early winter(US) this would be great.