August 26, 2009

Front Pages

Yay! I have made it to the front page 3 times recently, once with my Lama corespun art yarn: (mentioned here)

(2nd row right)
And with my Rhubarb Chunky Textile Necklace/Loop scarf in Bamboo and Silk:

(bottom right)
And then, this morning with my brand new Wool Legwarmers w/ Upcycled Yarn in Umber:

(bottom left)
I am, however, a bit bummed about the last one, which was this morning. As someone "bought" the legwarmers, but it turned out to be totally phoney. Nothing like starting the day all happy because you thought you made a sale, and then finding out it's a hoax :(

Oh well, seems to be a rite of passage for us etsians.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that sucks about the last one. But that is a lot of exposure. Congrats!


Yes, I was sorry to hear about that too! How can that happen?

Thanks for visiting me today on my Pookie post, it was lovely to hear from you!

Hope you have a better weekend :o)