June 24, 2009

It wasn't a rock! It was a rock lobster!

I don't make treasuries very often- I'm too impatient, and I never seem to have the right timing. But today I was lucky enough to grab a treasury west- I had a poster sketch ready & waiting for a while, so I was glad I finally got to use it, cuz I always wanted to make a B-52's inspired treasury.
The treasury is called "Rock Lobster"- after the song. I've always loved their music, style, and aesthetic. I'm not talking Love Shack, I'm thinking vintage 1979: Planet Claire, Rock Lobster and 6060-842. I have the records downstairs in our collection and love the covers of these 2:

Left: self-titled album from 1979

Right: wild planet album from 1980

Here's a screen shot of the treasury:

Please come and have a closer look if you get a chance- it was a real hoot to put together!!! Also and interesting fact: I think everyone in the band is vegan! Check out this video of the B-52's performing the song Rock Lobster back in the day: (lurrrv Fred and his cowbell)

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