May 25, 2009

New Eco Projects

I've been in a creative mood lately- I have felt more like crocheting than anything. Now that my studio is semi-clean, I am able to find things that I forgot I had- including lots of really pretty fabrics. I'm not much of a sewer, so I decided to make fabric yarn. I've experimented with it before, and found it's not real great for apparel items, unless you need something really thick & sturdy. So I thought it would be great for houseware-type items, so I made these eco trivets:

I love having cute kitchen accessories! These trivets/pot holders are perfect for protecting surfaces from hot dishes, pots and pans; great for your next indoor/outdoor picnic, bbq, potluck or tea party. I even thought a few of them displayed together would make unique wall-hangings. Best of all, they are made with upcycled fabrics!

I love seeing how all the colors and patterns condense when I crochet them!

(this teapot & cup set is one of my favorite garage-sale finds!)


PrairiePeasant said...

These are great Ashley! I love how the patterns in the fabric peak through.

BeansThings said...

They are so beautiful! What a great idea!

Art Space Gallery said...

Really like your garage sale find, which looks lovely on the pot holder. Best wishes. Lesley