May 19, 2009

A Little Canadian Sweetness!

The TransCanada Etsy team has a sweet little team shop over on etsy. Team members post items for sale and a part of the proceeds goes back towards team activities & promotions, and the other part goes to the artist.

We also sell our ever-popular goodie bags- team members donate items and rikrak assembles & photographs them into these little bundles of artistic awesomeness:

This one is called the pretty purples and features:

* a sweet little charm by RJ charms
( )

* a cute pair of ponytail holders by Enthral
( )

* a beautiful woolen brooch made by Off the Hooks
( )

* a lovely lip balm cozy in lovely blues by Loopy4Ewe
( )

* fragrant handmade soap by CleanBright
( )

* a gorgeous eco-art card by Tanis Alexis Laird ( )

* fabulous & dainty aqua earrings by Pinkfire Designs ( )

* a lovely little handcarved fish stamp by My Handbound Books
( )

* a photo postcard & sticker set by Puncezilla
( )

* a lovely mid-sized matchbook paper pad by Prairie Peasant
( )

* a fun vintage fabric iron-on butterfly by rikrak ( )

and a few more little goodies just for you or to give to others! These goodie bags are a great way to promote handmade Canadian products AND they are a steal of a deal!!!
This one is only $15.00!!!

I also have an item in the shop, one of my newest products, this Raspberry knitted baby cap with my handpainted, Canadian wool:

Making little mini's of my regular stock is so fun!!!
This little gal is also a steal of a deal at $20!!!

Hope you have a chance to pop by the team shop and see all the great goodies we have to offer!

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Mandi said...

your baby knits are turning out great! Your kid will be spoiled by all your homemade goodness.