March 11, 2009

Spring Inspiration

I don't know about where you live, but here in Alberta, winter will just NOT go away! We've been braving minus 30 temperatures for the last week or so- and we're only 10 days away from spring! I guess the only thing we can do is embrace it for now- and look forward to spring!

Lately I've been having so much fun learning about new ways to spin fun, spring-inspired yarns. I think its so neat to see the focus of people's inspiration change as the seasons change. I think one of the interesting things about being an artist or creative person is that in a way, you create your own reality through your work. Here's a few peeks at some work that I've been noticing lately.

Fellow TransCanada Etsy team member, Pinkfire Designs has these lovely little slink earrings in her shop, a tiny vintage brass cap was given a patina finish and added to this fabulous solid brass hand antiqued round snake chain. They would be just the perfect little addition to a cute spring outfit!

Next, I found this Spring Leaves Tree Papercut Card by ThePaperShed who meticulously handcut three layers of paper to create this beautiful memento. I think it would be a great gift that could even be framed by the receiver!

suzannahmulikin creates beautiful handmade garments with vintage materials, making them truly unique. I found this Poppies and Lupines Dress, part of her new spring line. I love the flattering, yet bold lines the fabrics create in this dress. It even has adjustable (yet comfortable) corsetting down the back! I think it would be super cute with a pair of tights or jeans while the weather is still chilly, and super cute and comfortable with a pair of sandals when the summer heat sets in.

Next, I found marysgranddaughter (what a thoughtful testament to her grandmother!) via etsy's pounce feature. I couldn't resist this adorable little kitty, Emma. She was made from an upcycled cashmere sweater, and her coat and hat are made from a vintage plaid knit. So sweet!

Lastly, I wanted to share one of my newest yarns with you, meadow. This was a real pleasure to create. First, I dyed the finn roving my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas (what a great gift that was!). Then I spun 2 bobbins up and plied (twisted) them together to make this yummy, squishy yarn! I have received lots of encouraging feedback on this- so there is definately more on it's way!

I hope wherever you are, you will soon be enjoying spring- we started our heirloom tomato seeds last weekend, and I see some sprouts already popping up! I've got some exciting news to share next week about a project I'm doing with IndieNorth. Details coming soon!


Clean & Bright Soaps and Candles said...

You've found some wonderful selections! I've always liked Pinkfire's designs. That papercut card is amazing! I've found a new favourite, I think ;)
And your new yarn looks like it would be so much fun to knit with :)

NYCrochet said...

I'm a crafty Ashley, and I crochet, too! I like your blog. Wish I had the space and means to learn spinning.

Beth - IndieNorth said...

Gorgeous finds, Ashley! That new wool is positively drool-worthy!

Crafty Ash said...

thanks everyone :)