January 28, 2009

Head's Spinning!

"Someone is waiting just for you
spinning wheel is spinning true
Drop all your troubles, by the river side
Ride a painted pony
Let the spinning wheel fly"
-from Blood, Sweat, and Tears "Spinning Wheel"

That's exactly what I did this past weekend; I had a great "spinning weekend"; you know those moments where you become totally enveloped in what you are doing and creating? The minus 30 temperatures outside also helped :)

I spun some awesome yarn this weekend, yarn that I feel really proud of, especially my Little Rainbows Handspun Local Alpaca Yarn; a luxuriously soft blend of creamy Alpaca (50%) and Romney wool (50%), lovingly handspun on my Ashford Traditional spinning wheel. The fibers are 100% locally sourced (in Alberta, Canada); The alpaca comes from an animal-friendly farm just outside Edmonton, AB, and the romney comes from a local spinning mill in Carstairs, AB. I have plied the yarn with a delicate rainbow thread and was set with a biodegradable yarn soap, which features a subtle touch of grapefruit essential oil.

Little Rainbows Handspun Local Alpaca Yarn from my Etsy Shop

Using locally-sourced products is becoming so important to me, whether its food, gifts, supplies, furniture, or even the mechanic I choose (why go to a big box store with awful service when you can go to a nice local shop with skilled tradespeople?) Shopping local usually provides you with a heartwarming story to accompany your purchase. This yarn was part of a little jaunt a friend and I took out into the country this fall, to a local arts & crafts celebration. We got to go to this alpaca farm and hang out with the animals!!! (which were pretty darn cute, and I had no idea that baby alpacas made a little whimpering noise, just like a human babe!)

Alpacas at a local farm just outside Edmonton, AB

I also had a blast dyeing & painting fiber... at the moment I'm working on some handpainted, 2-ply yarn for the spring (cutesy, cheery colors), as well as a new recycled yarn project... more info to come! My head is still spinning with ideas- I'm totally lovin my new adventure in fiber!

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