February 12, 2008

I can't beleive no one is mentioning Shirley!

A woman of note: Shirley Chisholm. Everyone thinks its so radical that a black man AND a woman are both running for president. Why isn't Shirley Chisholm being mentioned??? She ran for the democratic party in 1972; and she was black AND female.

I stumbled upon a documentary at the public library and thought it was a mockumentary. A black woman ran for president in 1972??? Who woulda thunk? But no, it is true, and Chisholm was an amazing woman!!! Her slogan was "UNBOUGHT & UNBOSSED"!

I am currently reading bell hooks' Ain't I A Woman: Black Women & Feminism, and found this discovery that Shirley Chisholm has been forgotten by America's collective memory quite relevant (and disapointing, and maybe a little bit disturbing).

Look her up or watch the video, I beleive its called Shirley Chisholm: Unbought & Unbossed.

Check out this blog for a bit of info: (glad to see SOMEONE has connected the dots)

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