February 27, 2009

Great Websites: Indie North

If you are interested in checking out unique, Canadian handmade products, you should definately check out Indie North; A Canadian Indie Business Collective.
Beth from Indie North approached me a while back about featuring my Sage Flower Hobo Gloves (shown below in screenshot) in her Saturday Showcase, Things to keep you warm.
This is how I initially discovered the site, and since then have been checking it on a regular basis. Indie North has daily posts with some really interesting finds from across Canada.

From cupcakes to paintings, Beth really knows how to pick out some amazing works.
I really appreciate people like Beth, and sites such as Indie North, who go out of their way to promote talented Canadian artists. Stay tuned to the site, as I am working on some surprises that will hopefully show up there in March!

Last night I went to lecture by Michael Shuman, author of The Small-Mart Revolution, a book which I have not yet read, but was introduced to some of the concepts through the talk. Again, the importance of shopping local was reinforced. As much as I like shipping my handmade items to different parts of the world, there is still something really special about making a connection with someone local, whether it be right in my city, province, or country. Not to mention saving those extra fuel charges and cutting down on emissions.

I have had the opportunity to meet a few of my customers, and it is so rewarding to have them say how much they enjoy my work. The talk got me thinking about focusing on reaching out to my local community for support of my work- and this is something I hope to focus on in the very near future.

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Beth - IndieNorth said...

Thank you so much Ashley! I was just tickled to read your writeup. It's much appreciated!